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Google Earth

Fancy trying a different and exciting way to tour the buildings featured on our site. Take our Google Earth Tour. Automatically "fly" around the globe, take a peek at a satellite shot of the location before zooming in for a "street view". Please note that not all locations have street view available; we would love to be able to control the almighty Google but that is more than a little beyond us and they just have not got everywhere yet - can you believe that.

If you don't have Google earth installed on your PC you can download and install it quickly and easily from Google [Download Google Earth]. Once you have installed Google Earth you will need to download our tour in "kmz" format [Download "kmz" file]. The file will be updated every week or so as new locations are added so check back often. You can be automatically advised of updates by subscribing to our RSS feeds or you can check the latest file data at any time on this page.

Our current "kmz" file was created July 1st 2012.