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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Kettle House, Galveston, Texas, USA

The kettle House, Galveston, TX, USA
This rather peculiar metal structure is located in Galveston, Texas close to the Gulf Of Mexico shoreline. Most buildings here are on "stilts" but not his one. However despite all manner of weather including the powerful Hurricane Ike in 2009, the building has stood for some 50 years or so and stands to this day. Maybe the architect was not such a goofball and perhaps its longevity is a testament to his design and choice of materials. After all a large ...


Reported: 14108 San Luis Pass Rd, Galveston, TX 77554
Actual: 1410 Mirimar Drive, Galveston, Texas, USA [Approximate]

29°12'16.82"N 94°56'38.80"W

... and presumably very heavy lump of metal, while not impervious to the wrath of nature, probably has a better chance than most.

An excerpt from the book "Weird Texas: Your Travel Guide to Texas's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets" by Wesley Treat, Heather Shades and Rob Riggs reads as follows:

"Supposedly it was erected by a gentleman who used to build storage tanks for oil companies, though his exact identity is unknown. The neighbors, some of whom were residents when the "Kettle" went up, have seen the man but know little about him."

The book can be found on Google Books and the article is on page 152. An excerpt from the book is on the Google Books tab below.

The only address we have been able to find online for the property is:

14108 San Luis Pass Rd, Galveston, TX 77554

This is not correct. A check on Google Maps using Satellite view does reveal a circular structure at this location but "Street View" clearly shows this is not the "Kettle House" as shown below.

A little scanning of the Galveston shoreline however shows that the "Kettle House" is located near the intersection of FM 3005 and Marina Blvd. We could not establish the actual address but a search for:

1410 Mirimar Drive, Galveston, Texas, USA

will get you close; from there the "Kettle House" is a little to the north east.

The Kettle House, Galveston, TX, USAClick For Image Source

Google Maps Of Incorrect location For Kettle House
Please note: For some reason Google Books has been very slow to respond of late. If the iframe has not populated refresh the page; it usually seems to work the second time around.


  1. http://goo.gl/maps/kAfAS Map from incorrect address to actual address, and a street view pic.

  2. Funny, I live in a house that across the street from this and I saw it literally every single day when I was still living in Galveston. Definitely the sturdiest little building I've ever seen, but I've never once seen the inside of it. I pretty much settled that it must have just been used for water storage and left it at that. Seeing this is making me really interested in taking a look inside next time I go back to Galveston.

  3. It was a water tower from the 1800's.

    1. It was going to be a convenience store.

    2. It was going to be a convenience store back in the '60s

  4. has anyone ever seen the inside? any pics online?

    1. I too would be interested to see the inside - to date I have never been able to find any photos of the inside online. If anyone has any I would love to see them.

    2. on diy network on May 13,2020 at 3 pm 2 central they will be showing the restoration of the kettle. at least that is what the computer says. i saw it a couple of weeks a go and it is awesome place.. hope you can find the airing of it.

    3. Just watched the show "Big Texas Fix" it looks very cool. Owners wanting to make it a vacation rental.

  5. Found it!
    It's between Surf and Marina Blvd, on the north side of Terminal San-Louis Pass Rd. Part of the property/house located at 14106 Miramar Dr., at the street junctures there; probably as an ancillary bldg-
    Sad, the kettle does not look maintained, lived in or used at all.
    It looks like, the main use area is upstairs, with storage down below that can tolerate flooding from bad storms.
    Round buildings always look smaller from the outside, than they feel inside.
    Round shapes tolerate far worse storms/wind than flat walls can. This one looks like it might even be able to float, unless it's embedded in all that cement foundation.

  6. I have some info for you:

    Public records show that the house was transferred from Clayton E. Stokley to Mary N. Stokley Etheridge… I have pasted his obit for you to read:

    Clayton E. Stokley, 82 of Pasadena, passed away Wednesday, June 29, 2005. He served in the U.S. Army during WWII, a member of the American Post 521 and received the Silver Star, Gold Star and the Purple Heart medals. He is preceded in death by wife, Patsy Lou Stokley and son, Joseph Will Stokley. He is survived by daughters, Mary Nell Etheridge-Rachels and husband Michael, Linda Joyce Stokley; sons, David Ross Stokley and wife Lisa, Edgar Barry Stokley and wife Patricia, Clayton E. Stokley Jr.; brothers, Horace Stokley, James H. Stokley and wife Margie; grandchildren, Nicole R. Stokley, Christina Ann Stokley, Elizabeth Barri Stokley, Joseph Will Stokley Jr. and Derrick Devin Etheridge; great grandchildren, Ezra Isabel Juarez and Mia Alexandra Juarez. Visitation will be from 6-9 P.M. on Friday, July 1, 2005 at Grand View Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held at 3:00 P.M. on Saturday, July 2, 2005 at Grand View Funeral Home. Interment to follow at Grand View Memorial Park.

    According to his Army records, he was a welder and was wounded during World War II in Eur

  7. Has anyone researched and tried to get in touch with grandchildren?

  8. I would LOVE to live in this house and do the maintenance required! I am disabled and on ssi but can do some of the work and friends who can help.If the owners see this and interested, please contact me at marcusdixon@yahoo.com! You wont regret the changes I can make! I live in Kemah alone and it would be perfect size for just me! Please contact me!
    and yes, I can pay rent rent also! Always loved the structure!

  9. It's been redone in 2018/2019 it was done by "Big Texas flip" on DIY channel. The couple that bought it and renovated it kept it and are using it as a rental!! Its very cool!! Search diy big texas flip "The Kettle house"

  10. Just watched the show "Big Texas Fix" it looks very cool. Owners wanting to make it a vacation rental.christian wellness advocate

  11. Watching Restoring Galveston on Philo with Roku very cool place.

  12. The kettle has been restored beautifully. I saw this on the Magnolia Network (formerly the DIY Network) on the show 'Restoring Galveston'. The owners originally restored it to sell, but they kept it for vacation rentals.

  13. It was recently bought and completed as a beach cabin with a large deck. There's episode about it on the television series "Restoring Galveston".

  14. Is it available air B&B