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Why Us?

UPDATE - 032413

I have received several questions asking why there are no new buildings being added. The fact is there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with all of my projects.

In the middle of 2011 I came across the Futuro House and added a post on the Futuro House in Royce City in July 2011. That sparked my interest in the Futuro House and in September 2011 I added a post The Futuro House Project.

At the time I did not realize the extent to which I would get swept up in that "post" which has now become one of the premier reference sites on the web for Futuro House information. This has taken a huge amount of time and research and is still growing and being updated on a very regular basis [the last update to that post was today].

In addition I have a full time IT job for a company which is in the middle of significant growth and that "real job" is taking an ever increasing chunk of my life. I am also working on completing a large quest mod for the game Skyrim and developing a website and advanced shopping cart for a business my wife in process of starting.

I have an ever increasing list of building to add to this site and I will get to it in time. In the meantime please continue to send me your suggestions for inclusion on the site.


Why us? Why visit this blog? There are a plethora of websites out there housing lists of strange buildings right? They are all the same yes? No they are not all the same and here's why us.

  • We research our buildings and provide additional history, background and context not just an image.
  • We research our buildings and provide location information, Google Maps and co-ordinates for Google Earth.
  • We offer several different ways to view our buildings; full articles on the main page offering much more than just an image, an images only page for those times when you are in a rush and a slideshow for sitting back and relaxing and letting the images float past you.
  • NEW - We now also provide a downloadable .kmz file for a tour of all of our buildings in Google Earth [Updated - 070911]. Grab this file here. If you don't yet have Google Earth but are interested in taking it for a test drive it can be downloaded here.
  • We include strange buildings yes; but we also feature otherwise significant or notable buildings, historical buildings and so on. There are so many fascinating and noteworthy buildings out there that do not fit the category "Strange" but they are also a part of the wonderful world of architecture and have a place here.
  • Wherever possible we include our own original photography.
  • We always provide appropriate attribution for material and respect individual copyright holders.


We are a living breathing site not just a hastily put together list of images. We have hundreds of buildings ready to be researched and added to the site and you can expect several interesting new sites each and every week.