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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Brenton House, Boulder, CO, USA

The Brenton House, Boulder, CO, USA
The Brenton House in Boulder, CO is one of a long list of notable designs by architect Charles Haertling. The home was built for Dr. Stanley Brenton and his family who had selected a home site in the Wonderland Hills subdivision of Boulder for the construction of their new home. The site was idyllic perched above a lake and having superb views of the lake, the mountains and both sunset and sunrise. With a design said to have been inspired by the barnacle [Haertling was ...


3752 Wonderland Hill Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

40°2'34.63"N 105°17'16.93"W

... an ex navy man] the home features a radial design with five "barnacle like" pods.

The properties main level spans all five pods of which three have only a single level; two of the pods also include a second level. The three main pods with views house the main living areas while two pods that have lesser views house the garage and a dressing room. The construction method of the property was somewhat unorthodox and basically involved spraying polyurethane foam over a rebar framework.

The house has been the subject of much publicity over the years. It featured in a National Enquirer article column "Weird Houses"; the article was reproduced in the July 2008 edition of the magazine Dwell which can be found on Google Books here. The house was also featured in a brief scene from the 1973 Woody Allen film Sleeper.

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The Brenton House, Boulder, CO, USA - Alt 1

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