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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Coney Island, Bailey, CO, USA

The Coney Island, Bailey, CO, USA
Coney Island Colorado or, as it is commonly known "The Coney Island" is a 50's style diner built in the form of a hot dog. Complete with indoor seating the bun is 35 feet long and the dog is 42 feet long. Being constructed mainly of concrete and ironwork the stand weighs in at a hefty 18 tons. It was built in 1966 under the direction of architect Lloyd Williams for Marcus Shannon. Shannon named the diner, located on Colfax Ave. in Denver, The Boardwalk At Coney Island. His intention was to build ...


10 Old Stagecoach Rd, Bailey, CO, USA

39°24'30.37"N 105°29'36.27"W

... a chain of such establishments and he had even gone so far as to file a patent application for the design. His plans never came to fruition and the company was out of business by 1969.

The diner was sold in 1970 and the new owners moved it to Aspen Park, CO. The diner was sold again in 1999 to Ron Aigner for a reputed $150,000. In 2006 the diner was relocated to its current location in Bailey, CO. The blogger ColoradoRick has an excellent series of photographs recording the 2006 move here.

Thomas J. Noel, Professor of History at the University of Colorado in Denver suggested in his book "Buildings Of Colorado" that the diner was:

"the best example of roadside architecture in the state."

In January 2011 the diner was put up for sale; we are unsure as to whether it sold or not but the listing for the sale is now gone. According to denverpost.com it appears that the owner had a little trouble with local law enforcement and with $15,000 in legal bills and slow winter sales was ready to get out. He put the diner on the market for $499,000.

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